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Excellent food and drink wedding ideas

For people in the process of planning a wedding, Pinterest has become their new best friend. The site is an endless stream of creative and inspiring ideas from everything to dresses, centrepieces and food.

One of the best parts of planning a wedding has to be sampling the menus before the day, and there are a lot of options to choose from! If you are struggling to narrow down your ideas – there are so many good ones! – We have put together some of the most popular food and drink ideas that you can include in your wedding.


Brunch weddings: Brunch is a popular weekend treat, and you can easily include it in your wedding day. With morning weddings on the rise, and venues offering earlier time slots at a reduced price, you can supply your guests with bloody Marys and mimosas, and no-one will complain. With brunch foods having more variety, you can offer a better selection on the menu, from poached egg and avocado on toast, to eggs benedict or a full-English. No-one will be complaining about an earlier start if that food is available!

Drip cakes: Wedding cakes change in style and popularity every year, and this year looks to be the drip cake. They make the icing look stylish, and also expose the sponge, so guests will know what type of cake they are eating. And if you are making your own cake (or your mum is!) it is not a difficult look to recreate!

Taco party: Mexican food is becoming more and more popular, and everybody loves tacos, so including them in your wedding at a ‘Make Your Own’ table will be welcomed by everyone. This also means any fussy guests can help themselves to the ingredients they fancy and ignore the ones they don’t like. A taco party works well if you want a laid-back vibe for your garden wedding. You can even have some white umbrellas on hand to double up as a parasol or for the rain!


Personalised drinks: Hiring a bartender can be expensive, but you can still let your guests enjoy a fancy drink with a personalised drinks station. Set out several bottles of Prosecco and a variety of fresh juice, fruit or liqueurs and let the guests go nuts combining the ingredients to come up with a delicious drink just for themselves!

Cocktail hour: If a traditional champagne or Pimms is not your thing, then you can get the party started with a fun cocktail hour. A great way to get people into the party mood, mini cocktails go very well with the canapes, and you can be as creative as you want. If you want the cocktail fun to continue into the evening, why not have a small section set up at the bar for cocktails?

Real ales and ciders: For those who want to be sustainable and support local businesses for their wedding, then why not go local for the alcoholic beverages? Have a search to find a local brewery or orchard and buy a couple kegs or crates of ales and ciders and serve them cold for your guests. For anyone travelling far to your wedding, this is a great way to introduce them to the area.

Image by: The Bake Idea

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