There’s one thing that most wedding celebrations have in common, and that’s great food. Everyone loves sitting down together to feast on something delicious and memorable, which is why it’s so important to consider the menu on your wedding day. If you and your other half are food lovers, it’s particularly important to come up with some food ideas that you both agree will be a positive talking point for years to come. The following ideas could be great for a reception! Alternatively, you might get some honeymoon inspiration from the following. But even if you’re the guest rather than the happy couple, you could find some distinctive ideas for a wedding gift right here.

There’s something romantic about street food. If you’re looking for an unusual feel for an alfresco reception, consider the flavours of Trinidad, and hire some caterers with a flair for spicy meats, artisan bread and coconut water. The aromas will be enchanting, the taste will be very moreish and it’ll be a nice change from the norm. Or, after the wedding, seek out the real experience in an authentic exotic location. If you prefer, choose another culture, such as Bavarian food along with real German beer, on a trip to Munich.

How about a spot of wine tasting? Friends will love to join you in sampling a few different wines on your special day, or you can keep it to yourselves, and you and your special someone could travel specifically to a wine growing region to take part in tasting the produce of a favourite vineyard. It’s also a chic and sophisticated way to spend your hen or stag night.

If you have a sweet tooth, how about some quality deserts, to delight your guests, or else gift wrapped as a way to thank those who have helped at the wedding a week or two later. Gather your favourite people around a tiered plate of macaroons, eclairs, petit fours, mini florentines and gateaux. Or, as a guest, you could offer the gift of a special cake plate, and visit the happy couple at a later date with special cakes as gifts to christen it.

A simple alternative as a wedding gift to yourself, or for a friend who is getting married, or moving out and owning their first household, how about a cookbook that will cover some of the basic dishes, or something more niche to inspire them to get more courageous with their culinary skills. Most newlywed foodies will really thank you for it.

Food experiences are some of the best experiences in life. So make sure you celebrate this special wedding day with ideas that centre around food!