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What to expect from the 5th Ashes Test on the field and from the skies

England and Australia head into the fifth and final 2015 Ashes Test to lock horns one last time at The Oval today, but with the hosts having already triumphantly regained the hallowed urn with a 3-1 series lead, what can we expect from the next five days (if it goes the distance)?

The Kia Oval Pavilion in South London, where you’ll see lots of people holding Jollybrolly umbrellas.

After victoriously regaining the Ashes through an innings and 78 runs in the fourth test at Trent Bridge, there were murmurings around the England supporters, and pundits that England could well experiment with their team in the final Test due to the fact that they know they already have the series win in the bag.


Australia will undoubtedly be looking to show people what they are made of, but failed to fully show in the previous four tests, having only won one of the 4 test so far. Focus on batting will be their main objective, so watch out for some spirited performances at the crease.


The good news for anyone making their way to the Oval to catch the last test is that the weather is forecasted to be on your side, with mostly cloudy/sunny spells, and the odd shower. Saturday is shaping up to be the most fruitful with temperatures anticipated to hit highs of 29C from 1300-1600! Sunday is set to present a couple of wet spells between 1000 and 1300, and patchy rainy/sunny spells from then on in. So if you’re lucky enough to be watching our boys in action it might be advisable to take your white umbrella to either shade you from the sun, or the ‘liquid sunshine’, depending on which day it is you are attending.


Image: Tmx468 under Creative Commons.

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