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Is An Expensive Umbrella Drone The Best Way To Stay Dry?

Drones have hit the headlines in recent times and grown in popularity in the last few years. Most consider them as nothing more than an expensive toy, primarily designed to take high quality photographs or simply race each other drones - but could they have another purpose?

The creatively-named ‘Umbrella Drone’ hit online stores earlier this year and has the sole purpose of protecting you from the bad weather of the British Isles.

In its simplest form, this product is nothing more than an umbrella stuck to a drone - but it’s much more than that. Cutting-edge technology means that this drone doesn’t require constant input on a remote control; it will automatically follow you around and keep you dry.

How much for this privilege we hear you ask? Well, prices for the Umbrella Drone start at $1299 so it’s not exactly cheap. Furthermore, the Umbrella Drone can reach speeds of 44mph - I don’t know about you, but I definitely can’t walk that fast!

The drone brings high-quality tracking by linking up with your smartphone and utilising its GPS - meaning your floating umbrella is both reliable and accurate. Noise has been flagged up as a potential issue but existing owners already state this isn’t a noticeable problem.

The manufacturers state that their product is the perfect choice for ‘walking the dog, riding a bike, watching a sporting event and more’. With a wide range of bells and whistles, this drone could be a very early contender to replace the umbrella in the future, but that seems many years away as initial sales have been slow.

There is also the disappointing battery life that gives you just 30 minutes of flight time, so if you’re heading out in the rain, make it quick.

Surely created as more of a novelty than a legitimate product, the Umbrella Drone has definitely attracted attention for a variety of reasons but it doesn’t look like a viable umbrella alternative at this time.

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