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Experts say they can now predict the weather a year in advance

The Met Office made a big announcement this week, stating that with their new supercomputer, they would now be able to predict the weather an entire year in advance through compiling the data from the last 40 years.


Their new supercomputer cost a staggering £97 million, and through their tests, the Met Office believe that they can predict the weather, one year in advance, with a 63% accuracy. This may seem like a low figure, however this is an incredible feat, which can be built upon over the next few years to further increase the accuracy.

This accuracy test was based upon them predicting the weather from the past 35 years, trailing the new system to see how well the results matched up with reality.

This system has been used in the past to predict weather up to a month in advance, helping government services to plan for the correct provisions for river floods and transport problems. This preparation time allows for a little damage limitation, ensuring that the weather hazards cause as little disruption as possible.

However, the Met Office has noted that this system is focused around winter weathers, with the more complex systems that arrive in summer still proving to be a challenge, the winter was the main cause for concern, and seemed to be the period which would most benefit from the predictions.

It is hoped that as this system further develops, the more accurate the system should get, and the more the tool can be utilised all over the world to prepare for future incidents.

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