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Top 6 Autumn Family Activities

Autumn is a great time for family fun. Its cosy and colourful - perfect for walks and crafts. Even though it does get dark earlier, you can use this time to create art projects with your kids and during the weekend take a walk in nature. A National Park walk will be relaxing while keeping your family active. Even if it rains, you can grab some children's umbrellas and wellies and jump into puddles.


If you need a bit more inspiration for your autumn family time, see our ideas below:


Conkers, pinecones, leaves - nature gives so many wonderful treats in autumn! You can collect them and create art with leaves, decorate the conkers and hang pinecones in your home or garden.


Halloween planning - nothing is more fun then coming up with Halloween decorations and creating them with kids. Spiders, green slime jello - there’s a million ideas out there.


Rainy explore mission- if you have no plans over the weekend and don't mind the kids getting wet and dirty, take them for a rainy day walk! Wellies, children's umbrellas and raincoat - the kids will love the carefree adventure.


Celebrate Bonfire night- let your kids stay up late and organise a Bonfire night party. Invite friends and neighbours. It doesn't have to be a fancy thing - keep it cosy and casual.


Mushroom hunting - visit a forest and teach your kids about different kind of mushrooms and if your an experienced mushroom picker you can then prepare them in the evening for dinner.


Fly a kite - not a shop bought one but made by you. This little project can be the quality time you need with your kids. It not only involves some technical expertise but also a creative touch to paint the material.


A lot of our above autumn activities are not that popular in the current fast moving world but they’re worth trying. There a great mindfulness tool and take your kids minds off their phones.

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