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Family Day Out Hacks Ready For Spring

Just imagine how many hours you spend in a car, travelling to different attractions for the kids or visiting family and friends. We are pretty sure you have had your fair share of amazing days out with your family but also some pretty disastrous ones due to poor planning and also not being adequately equipped. However, we would like to think we have all learnt from our mistakes with this one. So here are some top family days out hacks that ensures you pack like a pro for future road trips this spring.

Loading Up The Car

Finally, the sun is starting to make an appearance and after this stupidly cold winter, we have had its about time. So, before you even think about setting off on your spring day adventure, ensure you have the essentials in the car for any eventualities. We recommend the basic things such as sunscreen, bug-free spray and of course the trusty old picnic blanket that still after all these years itches like there's no tomorrow.

Although it's now spring, here in the UK the weather just can't be trusted. This is why you should always cater for those sudden spring showers that have a tendency to creep up. For this, we would strongly suggest keeping wellie boots, waterproofs and kids umbrellas in the boot. As the saying goes ‘There is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing’.

Another thing to mention is to never leave home without a first aid kit. It will come in handy on many occasions, we promise you that much.

The Journey

In order to avoid car sickness the best way to keep little ones happy is to give them anti-motion sickness travel bands which they can wear on their wrists. However, it's always best to prepare for the worst and carry plastic bags and possibly a change of clothes, just in case.

Although kids like to read magazines or books, looking down in a moving car is often the main cause of motion sickness. So instead opt for in-car games such as the classic I-Spy... I mean who doesn't love a game of I-Spy.

A fully loaded tablet on a car mount (to ensure kids are looking forward and not into their laps) can be very useful for older children. Just make sure you download movies rather than short cartoons so you can avoid having to turn around in order to select something new for your child to watch every 5 minutes.

At The Attraction

When you finally arrive at the destination, ensure you take all the essentials with you. Things like the first kit can happily stay in the car whereas those umbrellas should be going everywhere with you especially if you are in an outdoor area. Another thing to keep on hand is probably some hand sanitizer, although nothing quite bears washing hands with soap and hot water, hand gel is great for kids who have been touching animals at zoos or picking up creepy crawlies in the park.

Finally, like most people, never leave home without snacks! Carry around a variety of healthy snacks such as fruit, cereal bars and crackers. Of course keep on hand those emergency stashes of treats that will keep them happy in most difficult situations like waiting in queues, traffic jams or when a bribe is required.

So, there we have it. Some of the best hacks to ensure that everyone in the whole family has an enjoyable day out this spring.

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