You may never before this moment has wondered about the concept of celebrity umbrellas. If we were thinking about fictitious umbrellas, you might have thought about Mary Poppins or the Penguin in the original Batman series. But the iconic brolly has made a key appearance in numerous actual historical events too, and here’s a quick list of examples.

Queen Elizabeth tends to be a fan of transparent plastic umbrellas, allowing the thronging masses and the viewers at home to see here even when it's raining. An unfortunate and lesser known side effect of that model is that if you’re trying to hide a comment and the media microphones of the world are tilted in your direction, they’ll be able to catch you out. In this case, it was a comment about the rudeness of Chinese Officials. Awkward.

Across the pond, some people were outraged back in 2013 when President Obama, Commander in Chief of the Marines at the time, was being sheltered from the rain by a Marine holding an umbrella. A ruling at the time was that only female Marines could use umbrellas, so there were questions over whether this was protocol. It wasn’t exactly world-breaking news, but it gave a rare chance for an umbrella to become political.

Still, in the States, we turn to umbrella violence! It was about eleven years ago that pop princess Brittany Spears was having a definite nightmare of a year. At one point, you may remember, she took it out on the scavenging press, by hitting a car with a teal coloured umbrella. We’ve all had days like that and the paparazzi probably deserved it, and these days Brittany seems to be doing a lot better for herself. So perhaps it’s a therapy to be recommended.

Finally, there’s the infamous example from back in the 70s, where a Cold War incident led to an assassination using a poison-tipped umbrella, probably shot by a KGB agent. Who knew that umbrellas could prove lethal.

So there you have just a handful of controversial and dangerous examples of umbrella use to wow your dinner guests. You’ll be pleased to hear these kinds of incidents are few and far between, and the majority of umbrellas go through their whole rainy day lives without any newsworthy or diplomatic incidents.

If you’re just looking for decent umbrellas, in nice colours, to keep you safe from the rain, you’ve come to the right place.