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Fantastic activities to keep your children busy when it's raining

As we start to shake off the winter blues and begin to look forward to the days getting longer and warmer, we all begin to want to be doing a little more, whether its outside or in. We thought we would give you some inspiration of what to do with your children when the weather isn’t so nice.

Puddle Jumping

Sometimes, the wet weather just makes us want to close the curtains and curl up on the sofa with a film, but with spring on the way, the children and yourselves may need to stretch your legs and get some fresh air. If it has been wet, then there will be plenty of puddles to be found and waiting to be jumped in! It is a rarity that kids are encouraged to get wet and walk through the mud so they are sure to enjoy it. Put on your waterproof’s and wellies to go and have some fun!

Feeding the Ducks

The ducks love the rain just as much as the kids will love getting outside! Lots of families are put off by the wet weather which means they don’t get their daily treat and will probably be even more interested in what your little ones have for them. If you don’t have any bread left over, you can also feed them frozen peas, oats or any greens you have that need using up.

Homemade Rain Gauge

Although you may not notice when the weather man tells you on the news how many centimetres of rain has fallen, with a homemade rain gauge the kids will make sure you are aware! Simply get a large, empty plastic bottle, cut the top off and get the children to create a ruler in centimetres on the side of the bottle with a permanent marker. Then pop it outside on a rainy day and wait and see how much rainfall you collect!

Homemade Rain Stick

Homemade rain sticks are a great craft activity that can usually be made without any dashes to the shop. All you will need is a couple of cardboard rolls (toilet or kitchen), paints, stickers, rice or pasta, cello tape and paper tacks. Get your children to decorate the rolls and attach a cover to one of the open ends, insert the tacks and rice, then to finish, cover the other open end and you are done! Rain dances commence.

Paper Plate Umbrella

Create your very own version of our personalised umbrellas at home. To do this, you will need paints, brushes, paper plates, straws or pipe cleaners. Simply cut the plates in half, either straight or with a corrugated edge, attach the pipe cleaner to the cut edge and then start decorating! If you wanted to add a bit more to your piece, then you could add rain drops by cutting tear drop shapes from blue paper and attaching them with string to the bottom of your paper umbrella.

Playdough Bugs

Teach your children about the animals and insects that love the rain from inside your home. Get your children to help you make a simple playdough and then you can all have ago at making your own examples of water loving beetles, snails, slugs or frogs.

Playdough making instructions:

  • 1 cup of water
  • 4 cups of flour
  • 2-4 tablespoons of oil
  • 1 ½ cups of salt
  • Food colouring

Mix all above ingredients in a large bowl until a dough is formed.

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