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Fashion Accessories That Every Man Should Own

If you’re a man, you might not have warmed to the words ‘fashion accessories’ in the past, but it could be time to think again.

It’s not just the girls who can enjoy the freedom to express themselves through clothes and appearance. You might well find that the right accessory enhances your outlook as well as having a functional use.

Not convinced? Read on.

Let’s start with the simple stuff. Do you wear glasses? If so, have a think about the style you choose. You don’t have to stick with the same frames you were wearing a decade ago, and you might just discover that going for a new style is rejuvenating and brightens your outlook.

Frameless glasses are really popular, but you might like to go for something more stylised that says ‘accessory’ more than just ‘aid for sight.’ Think along the lines of stylish sunglasses, and experiment.

Do you carry a bag? It can be so useful to have something with you, besides a pocket, where you can stash your camera, notebook, laptop, tablet, kindle, and maybe even your lunch. It doesn’t have to look feminine, and it’ll save you shoving all your valuables into your coat, or leaving them in the car.

Shop around, and lose the idea that there’s a stigma to a man carrying a bag. Not nowadays.

An umbrella is another accessory you might like to consider. Men’s umbrellas (or just ‘umbrellas!’) come in all sizes and colours. If you’re feeling a bit conservative, you can go for the classic black, but there’s nothing to stop you having another colour, or pattern, whether its for work, the car or the golf course.

A men’s umbrella with a business suit says ‘professional.’ An umbrella when you’re out for the evening with the one you love, says you’re a good person to shelter next to in the rain. And besides all that, it keeps you dry. Win, win.

Fashion accessories may sometime need a change of name to establish them as an equally male thing, but basically, don’t let anything stop you from they watch, the jewellery, the glasses or the umbrella you wish you could be carrying. Make your own statement.

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