It is incredible what a little sunshine can do to us, the plants and animals. Spring is a time for fresh, new beginnings. As we move through the April showers and look forward to the May flowers, we welcome everything that the new season will bring.  Here are some of our favourite things about spring.


Freshly cut grass

It makes the top of the list as this smell is pure nostalgia, each time it takes you back to your childhood playing outside with the sun beating down on your skin.

Plants showing life

Spring is the time when the flowers start to blossom, and the leaves on trees start to bud. After seeing the fields and hedgerows dormant over the colder months, we welcome the vibrant colours and smells.

Baby animals

Nothing marks spring like the sight of lambs and calves hopping around in the fields. Spring is the best time for animals to have young as there is more food for them and the days are warmer for their little ones. Keep a look out for the hedgehogs which are coming out of hibernation soon; if you wanted to put food out for them, they would appreciate tinned or dried dog food.

Spring evenings

Spring indicates the tranquil evenings ahead. As the evenings begin to get lighter and longer with the sun getting warmer. It gives us more time for activities outside with friends and family after we have finished work.

Happier people

It is well known that the sunshine and the vital vitamin-D makes all of us cheerier. Feeling the sun’s rays on your skin on a beautiful day after a long winter is exactly what we love.

Outdoor events

Whether it’s live music, street food or long walks. Enjoy the fresh air, stretching your legs and atmosphere.

Bike rides

Whether you go out with friends, family or by yourself, a bike ride is a definite confirmation that spring is in full swing. Pump your tires, grab your helmet and hit the road.

Walks outside

The sunshine and longer days encourage us to get out and enjoy the weather. Take a stroll at your favourite beach or woodland. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could try somewhere completely new!


The taste of spring is the first BBQ of the year, wood smoked food and fresh salads! Shared with friends, music and a cold cider. We welcome dusting off the BBQ to enjoy these perfect evenings.

Leaving our bulky clothes at home

Putting the winter coat back in the wardrobe and walking out the door with just your necessities. No more big items of clothing to be carried around or flung over your arm when it really wasn’t needed but you thought you should bring it ‘just in case.’ You might still find that your cheap umbrellas are still needed to keep you covered from any April showers though!

Wearing flip flops

Your toes will be thankful for the fresh air after having your feet trapped inside thick socks and waterproof shoes all winter. It is now seen as acceptable to wear flip flops on the next sunny day.

Spring cleaning

We know that not all of you will be looking forward to a spring clean, but for a lot of us, it gives us the chance to straighten the house and garden before summer is in full swing. There is something quite satisfying about having your belongings in order, tidy and clean then when it is done you can focus on the more important things.

So, let us hope that Doris and her 90mph winds are the last storm we see until next winter and that the sunshine warms our skin and allows us to enjoy all the things we love!