If you’re planning to tie the knot during December, you'll be looking forward to a wedding celebration with magical and evocative moments.

The seasonal celebrations at this time of year are bound to flow over into your wedding day, and that means you can enhance your wedding with some touches that are bound to put everyone in a great mood. Here are a few suggestions...

The obvious one to start with is food. Choose the kind of dishes that people will be looking forward to at Christmas anyway - with spices and tastes that are associated with this time of year. Think of lavish accompaniments too. It could be the perfect moment to invest in a chocolate fountain or some beautiful preserves for your wedding breakfast.

Another straightforward idea is to make the use of the dark evenings to create some atmospheric lighting choices, with candles, lanterns and strings of coloured lights. In fact, why not include a Christmas tree as part of your wedding decor, to really get your guests in the spirit of things.

Remember, you can choose any rich and lavish colour scheme to fit with your seasonal wedding theme. You don’t have to have everything in red, gold and green, unless you want to!

If you have children coming to the wedding, remember that they’ll be full of excitement about the coming festivities. You can cash in on this to get their attention and show them how to have a good time. Have party games on hand that they’ll connect with Christmas, and never underestimate the power of a wrapped gift to keep them happy. Or how about a festive film for them to watch. It'll help keep the stresses at bay for parents.

When it comes to dressing for your wedding day at this time of year, you can afford to add some drama and theatre that might have looked over the top in a summer wedding. If you want to turn up like Cinderella and Prince Charming, why not!

Remember that if your heart is set on a December wedding you’ll probably have to book things well in advance. But it’s perfectly do-able if this is what you’ve always wanted. It'll be a date in everyone seasonal calendar that will enhance the festivities.