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Final Touches and  Wedding Umbrellas

You’ve reached our third and final instalment of ‘ Wedding Umbrellas’ series. Today we’re covering those final touches to cosy up your wedding if the heavens do decide to open and make your special day even more memorable than you could imagine!



We’ve already touched on ‘Planning and Venue’ here, and ‘Guests’ here. Between all three posts you should have all the tools you need to prep and plan for the worst (or is it the best?) on your wedding day!

Think Hair and Makeup

Rain or No Rain, it’s best practice to waterproof your makeup anyway. Because waterproof = sweatproof and if you are planning to dance your night away, you’ll thank us later. Your makeup artist will be able to waterproof your face and you can work with your hairdresser to keep your updo as frizz-free as possible. And as a bonus, if you do get caught in a downpour (and you’re missing your  wedding umbrellas) you don’t have to worry about runny mascara!

Supply Blankets or Towels

If it’s been raining during the day, things can get pretty chilly especially as the sun starts to go down. If you’ve opted for an outdoor venue, it’s a lovely touch to offer a basket of towels or blankets to keep your guests warm. If you’ve asked your bridal party to join you in taking those super cute rainy day photos, wedding umbrellas and all, towels will help them dry their feet and get cosy again. Or if you’ve got a tent set up, couples who aren’t hitting the dance floor can cosy up under a nice fluffy blanket.

Think Warm. Be Warm.

There is nothing more romantic than cosying up on a rainy day. Bring these vibes into your wedding day with mulled wine or hot chocolate. Or if your venue permits, get some fire pits or heat lamps going. Make sure your guests are feeling as fuzzy as you are after you’ve tied the knot.

Lead The Way

Of course you’re allowed to be a little disappointed if the big day isn’t as bright and sunny as you hoped - but your attitude will set the tone for the whole day so try your best to be positive. It will go a long way and keep your guests smiling and enjoying the day. Besides if you’ve planned for rain, you’ll have lots of cute features you can use and wedding umbrella photographs so really it will be a blessing in disguise!


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