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Where To Find The Best Umbrella For Your Wedding

For brides who are looking for a photogenic feature to enhance their wedding album, bridal umbrellas are all the rage all year round.

Perfect for bringing an extra dash of colour and style, or a classy formality, these inexpensive accessories are becoming increasingly popular in contemporary weddings.

If you’ve haven’t considered having umbrellas at your wedding, here are some ideas to spark your imagination, and keep you nice and dry on the day.

Here’s the obvious point to start with. If you’re having an open-air wedding or reception, and there’s any danger of the weather turning a bit showery, then having a supply of bridal umbrellas at the ready is a perfect solution, even if just to put everyone’s mind at ease. You could just get a single one for the bride or the happy couple, or supply them for all the guests. It's up to you.

Whether you select pure white or black, or go for something more in keeping with the bridesmaid dresses or floral arrangements, it’s a great way to inject some fun and practicality just at the moment when grey clouds are threatening to overshadow your day. And of course, bridal umbrellas don't just have to be for bad weather.

Especially if you choose something softer and lighter in colour, you can arm your wedding party with parasols that will protect them from the heat of the summer sunshine. Very smart.

For an unusual style, you could check out pagoda umbrellas, which come in a range of colours and have a distinctive shape. Some suppliers offer heart shaped parasols, and umbrellas made for two.

Here at Jolly Brolly, our range of bridal umbrellas covers all the basics - from plain white golf-style umbrellas, to transparent dome umbrellas, to romantic frills and unusual scalloped shapes adorned with lace trim. We have a budget range, and we even sell whole wedding packs to cater for the couple and their wedding guests without spending the earth. 

Bridal umbrellas may not have been first priority for your wedding plans, but they could be a make or break item on the actual day, and the reason people keep talking about your beautiful day rather than any shower or heatwave that might arrive uninvited!

We can supply your bridal umbrellas in a wide range of colours and designs, so you don’t have to go searching any further to tick bridal umbrellas off your list!

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