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How To Find The Perfect Umbrella Without Spending A Small Fortune

Of course, when you’re in the market for a new umbrella, you want the best available that’s at the right price. Who wants one that doesn’t really suit them and doesn’t keep them dry?

Anyone can drop into the local cheap shop and pick up a brolly for a few pounds, but it may not last the week if it actually rains! Likewise, if you’re looking to invest an arm and a leg, you can spend a fortune and get one that might even grace the catwalks in Milan, but hey. It’s just an umbrella. Let’s have a look at the criteria you’ll want to bear in mind when you’re buying your perfect affordable umbrella.

First of all, let's think about the practicalities. Are you looking for an umbrella that you’ll want to take to work with you on your daily commute? Or is it meant to be for getting out in torrential rain on a camping trip? The thing is, there’s no point in having a huge sturdy umbrella made for wet weather golfing breaks if you’re only looking for something small to keep in your bag for emergencies.

Having said that, obviously the full-length ones that don’t fold into a tiny package are going to be better on a really windy day. They’ll also suit anyone who loves the classic appeal of the traditional umbrella design. With a large sturdy umbrella, you’ll find you suddenly have a lot of friends if you’re out watching fireworks with friends and it starts to tip down.

In fact, a full-length affordable umbrella is a wise investment for the car or for any social occasion where you’re going to need to spend a spell of time out in the elements. Some have fibreglass frames, for flexibility. Some have vents to let the breeze through rather than carrying it straight out of your hands and down the street. That's useful.

Nowadays you can even invest in a specially styled asymmetric gale-proof umbrella that has an instructional video to show you how to use it properly!

But if you’re just looking for something basic, perhaps the golden rule is to select one from an online specialist rather than pick up a brolly at the drug store. That way you can also choose the colours you love and tailor your affordable umbrella to meet your preferences.

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