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Find The Perfect Men's Umbrella For You

Chances are you’ll have shouted at a cheap mens umbrella as it turns inside out in a gentle breeze, leaving you vulnerable to the elements and totally umbrella-less. Problem is, what makes a good umbrella and how do you choose the right one for you?

First things first, as a man, you want something that looks stylish but also does its job - we think we can all agree that a man's umbrella that doesn’t work is incredibly frustrating.

Decide first what you want; folding, walking, automatic, manual and size of canopy. The rest really does come down to personal preference, so you can choose any colour, design or handle.

The key here is to steer clear of anything tacky - the umbrella you buy for £1 from your local newsagents isn’t going to cut the mustard. This type of mens umbrella is often incredibly weak to stronger winds and will likely last no longer than your lunch.

The weight of a men's umbrella is also a key factor, as chances are you’ll be carrying it around with you for an extended period of time. With that in mind, choose a frame that is windproof yet flexible as these umbrellas are less likely to snap or turn inside out. Fibreglass and carbon-fibre mens umbrellas work a treat, rather than the more traditional (and heavier) metal frames.

Canopies usually come made from nylon nowadays, as this is actually the part of the umbrella that keeps you dry, but there are a couple of alternatives including the popular vented canopy - this is specifically designed to allow wind to pass through it whilst shielding the rain at the same time. Quick tip - flick an umbrella’s canopy when open to check it is tight and not floating loosely on the ribs.

The humble umbrella can also be somewhat of a fashion accessory if you choose the right one. With a huge range of mens umbrella designs and colours available, you really do have a world of choice. Our suggestion however is to opt for something more classical and neutral, as these colours often work best when it comes to matching with clothing.

Last of all, go for a brand you can trust - here at Jolly Brolly, we recommend either a Fulton Windbreaker Folding Umbrella or a Knightsbridge City Walking Umbrella, both available through our website!

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