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Winter Pros and First Dates Firsts!

We’ve got a first for channel 4’s First Dates, pros of a Winter wedding and words of wisdom for your honeymoon!

First Dates Gets Its First Wedding

The Channel Four phenomenon First Dates has got its first wedding! For those unfamiliar with the premise of the program, it’s a TV show whereby the organisers put together couples to be filmed for their first date. It’s hugely successful and after Victoria Wills – an Executive Assistant to the CEO of a Merchant Bank in London – met a man called Scott who was 39 and 10 years her Senior, she was thrilled!

The pair got on like a house on fire and after a whirlwind romance which started on camera, the couple have got engaged! You can read more in The Mirror’s coverage here.

Pros of a Winter Wedding

Next in the news, as Christmas draws ever-nearer if you’re looking to set a date for your upcoming nuptials, we’ve got more reasons to settle on a Winter wedding date with your other half. These include:

Money: Due to more availability you can often save yourself some extra pennies for this notoriously expensive occasion.
Snow: If you travel up North, in particular around Christmas time you stand more chance of a dusting of snow – and getting that coveted white wedding.
History: You’ll be just like your ancestors! Indeed in the 19th Century couples used to frequently marry on Christmas day as they were not expected to work on that day!
Party: Shorter days mean an early start for your evening fun and frolics with your guests.
Availability: It’s nearer holiday season and so people often have time off.

Did You Know

If your perfect wedding is one whereby you elope with your love and travel abroad to say “I Do” there are some hidden perils you may need to be aware of!

One of our favourite publications, Vows & Venues published a wonderful infographic about some rather startling things that can get you in trouble abroad. See some of them below and take care should you be planning your honeymoon in any of these locations. Did you know…

• If your hotel room lightbulb breaks in Australia, you are legally not allowed to change it! So if it all goes dark on your honeymoon – ask a professional electrician.
• If you’ve decided on a German honeymoon, you cannot stop for fuel on the autobahn. It’s illegal to stop on these stretches of road unless it is an emergency.
• And, if you’ve settled on a romantic and hot Greek getaway for your first holiday as a married couple, ladies leave the heels! You’re not allowed to wear heels to Greek’s popular monuments as they are said to be damaging.

So – we’ve got a First Dates first wedding, why it’s a good idea to get hitched in Winter time and where to be careful on your honeymoon!

Watch this space for some more festive updates next week.

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