“You may now kiss the bride!” Great, but how?  Do we embrace or hold hands?  Do we just have a peck or a full on snog?  The first kiss as a married couple is one of the most cherished moments of a partnership, but how do you make sure it’s romantic and passionate without grossing out grandma in the crowd?  We take a look at the dos and don’ts of that first married kiss, with a few tips from Glamour.com.

How Close is Too Close?

Traditional weddings have the bride and groom standing facing each other just a little closer than arm’s reach.  When it comes to the kiss, it will probably look awkward if you do not step closer to each other.  The first kiss as a teenager comes to mind, awkward arms hanging by your sides with your neck craned forward with a full on pout.  However, this is your wedding and a chance to demonstrate the closeness you share so the best bet is to join hands and take a step closer to one another.

In terms of where to put wandering hands, you should embrace you partner as you would on any normal day, minus the bum pinch!  Taking your other half into you arms and holding them close while you kiss is a beautiful statement of passion which is not too naughty for friends and family to share with you.

To Tongue or Not to Tongue

Of course you want to show how much you love each other, and a passionate kiss is the way to do that.  However, having a tongue workout in front of your parents, your friends and extended members of your family who may not have seen you, or your tongue, for a long time may make people feel a little uncomfortable.  Don’t forget that the photographer will also be taking photos of this particular part of the ceremony and he will struggle to find something romantic buried beneath layers of tongue!

You don’t want to just give a peck as it is a special day and you want your kiss to be memorable for both of you, rather than just a safe one that won’t upset your guests.  It must also look natural and not overly-practiced.  An open eyed kiss can be one of the most awkward things to watch, and you don’t do it that way in private so why do it like that in public.  Close your eyes and get yourself a little bit lost in the moment. 

Don’t Rush into It

Once the officiator says the all important words, you could be forgiven for wanting to grab each other and throw yourself into a hot embrace, but rushing into the kiss has all sorts of pitfalls.  The worst of these could be a nasty headbutt, or you could both turn your heads the same way, or worse – you could miss the lips altogether and end up kissing the chin!

There is no need to rush into your first kiss, it will be the first of many so take your time and enjoy it.  Look into each other’s eyes, hold hands and step closer, then lean in for a romantic, passionate kiss that will represent your relationship to you guests.  One other tip is to not think about it too much, yes you will want to prepare and have some idea of how you will do it, but there is no need to think too hard about things as it will end up looking staged and unromantic.  “You may now kiss the bride” needn’t be a nerve-wracking phrase, it’s the first kiss of the rest of your lives together and just because everyone is watching doesn't mean it can’t be the most romantic kiss of your relationship to date.