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Five survival tips for the modern wedding

Weddings have continued to grow in stature, and don’t show any signs of slowing down! With the events becoming bigger and more modern, a few things have changed in terms of behaviour and etiquette.

We have taken a look at five survival tips for the modern wedding, to make sure you are prepared for when you attend your next one:

Don’t post on social media before the bride

Smartphones are everywhere nowadays, and with the click of a few buttons, a photo or video can be shared with hundreds of people instantly. However, you should never post on social media before the bride does.

Take photos by all means, but share them with the bride after the event, or request permission to put them up after she has already posted. It is her big day, so try not to steal her thunder!

Don’t mess with the seating plan

A lot of time and effort has gone into making the wedding day perfect, which more often than not includes a set seating plan. If this is this the case, don’t table-hop in order to sit next to someone else, as it just throws everything into chaos.

Sit where you have been assigned to sit, and then you can mingle with the rest of the guests later on in the evening.

Be prepared

A bit like the scouts here, be prepared for whatever the day may bring. If the wedding is taking place in a barn, bring a coat as it is going to get cold at night.

Equally, if the wedding is taking place outside, you might want to pack a brolly! No one wants to see rain on a wedding day, but with the Great British weather it is a distinct possibility. We stock a great range of umbrellas for weddings, which means you can leave the giant golf umbrella at home and bring something a bit more fitting for the occasion.

Ditch the sunnies

Pretty much everyone wears sunglasses to a wedding now, especially for weddings taking place in the brighter summer months. But when you go into the venue (if the marriage is taking place indoors), remove your sunglasses; it’s the polite thing to do.

Prepare for the long interlude

After the ceremony, the bride and groom will disappear to have their photos taken, which usually leaves the guests to fend for themselves. Often there are a few drinks and nibbles to keep the guests occupied, but they don’t often last the duration.

During this time, you should make an effort to talk to other guests, and interact with those you might not know. Everyone is in the same boat, and interacting with strangers can help the day to gel and make it feel like a much friendly affair for the bride and groom.

These are just a few tips on how you can play a part in helping the big day to run as smoothly as possible, in order to make it the most memorable day possible for the happy couple!

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