The umbrella has been typecast exclusively as an item to be used for weather protection, but if you release your mind from the typical definition you’ll see for yourself how many uses the umbrella can really offer. Whatever you have at home whether it’s a kids umbrella or a golf umbrella these hacks can be used on almost everything with only your imagination stopping you.


Art work and home ornaments – Umbrellas come in a wide range of colours, patterns and fabrics. Oriental theme designs are popular choices to use as a centre piece alongside other oriental decorations. You will have to use your own judgements to see what patterns go well with your selected room.

Lampshade – This can be seen as ornamental item but we are using it for its source of illumination throughout a room. You can create a unique lampshade with an umbrella of your choosing by creating a hole on the top portion of the umbrellas canopy and sliding a bulb through. Next pierce a few small holes on the canopy and using a thin piece of string tying the bulb’s wire to the shade. Once this is attached you can place your DIY lampshade into a base so that’s it held steadily.

Baby cot mobile toy – A cheap easy way to make a new toy for your infant to play with is to start by collecting eight small toys and eight pieces of string. They don’t have to be new toys, even old neglected toys can be given a new lease of life. Connect the toys to the string and tie the opposite ends to each rib of the umbrella. It’s now ready to hang up for the child to enjoy.

Clothes Hanger – This is one for those battered umbrellas we all keep under the stairs. Firstly remove all the fabric and then retract the handle. Turn the umbrella upside down and start to hang your clothes on what used to be the umbrellas ribs. If the handle on your umbrella is straight, drill a hole in it and hang up with a hook.

Lightsaber – Now this is one for the kids or maybe the big kid in you, firstly you need to start by disassembling the main parts of the umbrella. Then with a translucent PVC pipe (available at all homeware stores) that is the same circumference as the umbrellas main rod. Fit a 2.7V LED light that is a colour of your choosing to one end of the PVC pipe. With the lightsaber blade ready you can now reassemble the umbrella with the lightsabre now acting as the main rod, you can now fight the dark side even when it rains.