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Follow this fantastic guide for umbrella etiquette

The winter so far has been a mild one, apart from a few a snow flurries, temperatures have regularly hit over 13c… that’s considered a heatwave!

With this mild weather there’s been plenty of rain, with that comes a whole host of umbrella related problems! Most people equip themselves with an umbrella, which if not used properly can cause accidents and sometimes even fits of brolly rage!

Below is a guide on how to behave correctly while walking with an umbrella, whether it's open or closed and tips of when to correctly use one.

  • Drizzle: When you're in a quiet area and it's drizzling, it's your own call whether you use an umbrella or not. When you're in a busy city centre, however, an umbrella is an unnecessary luxury, and will therefore be frowned upon.
  • Golf umbrellas:These oversized canopies are not just an eyesore: unless there are two people under one. In the hands of a solo pedestrian, golf umbrellas are at best an annoyance, at worst can cause an injury to those around! They have no place in busy streets and pavements and should be saved for the links.
  • Using a phone:People get hit by cars, fall into canals and walk into signs because they are more interested in how many Facebook likes they have, than looking where they are going. Checking your phone while walking with an umbrella doubles the danger and should be avoided if possible.
  • Tilting: To avoid umbrella clash when walking towards someone, tilt the respective umbrellas away from each other so that you remain covered but don't catch the other umbrella.
  • Drying:It's often effective to shake off the water from an umbrella before closing it, but care should be taken; fellow commuters won't thank you for showering them with water.
  • Horizontal carrying:Try to carry an umbrella vertically at all times, especially if you have a tendency to swing your arms when walking. This will avoid any accidents with the people around you.
  • Cornering:Nobody likes to walk round a blind corner at pace, only to crash into someone else, and it's even worse when you get a face full of umbrella. So when possible, try to take a wider line going into any blind corners.

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Be sure to watch the video on umbrella etiquette here.



Photo by: Alex

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