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A Touch of Magic: Making Your Wedding Yours

Weddings are mired in tradition and guests, and family and friends all like to chip in with suggestions and ideas. But why, in the 21st century, should tradition be the first port of call? We’ve researched some new and unique ideas one can implement at their wedding to do something completely new.

Wordsearch Napkins

We found this idea on a blog – why not customise a simple napkin and put your own wordsearch on it? Guests can happily break the ice and discover neat facts and figures about the newlyweds whilst they wait for photos to finish and others to arrive at the reception.

Photo Booth

Photo booths are all the rage nowadays. You see them at festivals, in restaurants and at events – so why not at your wedding? A photo booth can be a relatively inexpensive and easy way to entertain your guests and get them feeling relaxed with one another. The memories of all those silly photos will last a lifetime too.

Hangover Kits

It may well be a little naïve to think that there won’t be at least a few sore heads the day after your wedding! A little champagne or wine to toast the happy couple can work as the perfect accompaniment. So the fun of a hangover survival kit could be a wonderful wedding favour for guests… and one that is truly appreciated the next day.

Fun With Food

Although a delicate and delicious michelin-type meal can be wonderful and truly memorable, there’s a lot to be said for some good old fashioned grub! Fajitas, pizzas or any sort of picky, DIY food where you can serve yourself could serve to keep things casual, and most importantly, fun.

Photo Finish

In addition to having a photographer to capture you and your other half in the best light and at the truly memorable moments to immortalise them forever in your wedding album, why not permit your guests to take as many pictures as possible? They’re bound to get some truly creative candid shots.

Brolly Brilliance

We had to mention brollies! For a small bit of budget you can use a myriad of coloured brollies to create some lovely dramatic and fun photos – and even if the heavens open and the rain falls, you’ll still be guaranteed a wide smile.

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