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Fun outdoor activities to do with kids in spring

The weather is finally warming up, and we are more likely to see blue skies when we draw the curtains back in the morning. This makes it the perfect time to head outdoors with the kids for lots of fun spring time activities.

The best activities can be enjoyed by the whole family, and require very little planning and cost very little to do.


Draw with chalk

If you have a garden patio or paving in your garden, let the kids go nuts with some coloured garden chalk. They can draw flowers, plants, aeroplanes, cars and much more on the ground, just let their creativity grow. And don’t worry about it being permanent – a couple of heavy showers will wash it away, and then they can start again.


When the day is just right, have a garden picnic, or bring along more friends and head to the park. Simply take whatever food you were planning to eat and lay down a blanket and eat al-fresco in the fresh spring sunshine.

Make daisy chains

In early spring when the daisies are starting to grow and you want to tidy up your lawn, get the kids to help by making daisy chains with them. Make them long or short and let them wear them as bracelets, necklaces and headbands.

Country walk

Find a local walking trail, that is not too difficult for younger kids, and put on some comfy walking shoes and go explore the outdoors. In spring, a country walk will bring you across lots of pretty flowers and baby animals in the fields. Be sure to bring along some kids umbrellas just in case the weather turns bad!

Bike ride

If your young children are just learning to ride a bike, then make the most of the bright spring weather and head out on a bike ride. Cycling is a great way to exercise and get everyone outdoors. If they are not old enough for their own bike, you can hire out trailers to attach to your bike.

Plant flowers and veg

Get in the garden and plant some flowers and veg. Kids will love to help out, digging up the dirt and scattering the seeds. Buy some bulbs and seeds from a local garden centre, and be creative. The kids will love to watch the plants grow and the flowers bloom in summer. If you don’t have too much space, just use a plant pot.

Make a bird feeder

You can either buy a bird feeder or make one from peanut butter, bird seeds and a pine cone. Hang it in places where squirrels or cats can’t get to, and then sit back and watch which birds come to visit and eat from them.

Fly a kite

You don’t have to splash out on a kite, and you can also try making one yourself before trying to fly one. When the day is particularly windy, head to a nearby park and let the kids try to get it up in the air. They will love watching the kite dance about in the air.

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