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Fun outdoor activities for kids in the spring

At the winter blues fade away and the weather gets warmer, kids are wanting to be outside more, so why not plan some spring time activities you and your kids can do together, come rain or shine? There are simple activities to do which can easily make the most of springtime.


Paint flower pots

Spring is the perfect time to get gardens ready for summer, and what better way than picking up some plain plant pots and sprucing them up with some paints. The kids are sure to love the chance to get a little messy painting pots in their own designs, and the crazy colours are sure to bring some colour to the garden before any flowers have grown. Why not also get some bulbs or flowering spring flowers like crocus from a local centre to plant in them?

Make bird feeders

As the weather warms up, you are sure to spot more and more birds in the garden, so be prepared with more birdfeeders. As well as the feeders, nuts and fat balls you can get in shops, you can also make them from pine cones, peanut butter and seeds. Hang them on trees where the birds can get easy access to them, and make a note of which birds are visiting too!

Turn flowers different colours

Bring nature indoors by cutting some flowers and putting them in vases. Try something alternative too, by putting them in water with a variety of food colouring or natural coloured dyes, so when the flower drinks up the water, its petals turn the colour of the food colouring. You can turn the window sills in your house into a rainbow of colours.

Use nature to make art

Art and spring feel like they should go hand in hand, as spring is when the world comes back to life with colour. Head outside with the kids to find fallen leaves, petals, flowers, cut grass and twigs to make some art. These can be used to stick on paper and card so kids can create their own flowers and trees. This is a great way to spend a rainy day and let your kids be as creative as they want.

Fly a kite

On a blustery and windy day, put a coat on and head outside to the nearest park or big open space away from any trees and fly a kite with your kids. There is nothing more fun to see kids getting their kite high in the air, and getting it to twirl about like it is dancing.

Hunt for animals and their tracks

Visit a park, woodland or head to some countryside trails and look for some animal tracks. This is a great way for the kids to look at nature in a new way, and they are sure to love spotting new animals. There will be birds to see in the trees, squirrels running along the ground and up the tree trunks and if you are out in the countryside you are sure to spot some sheep and cows with their babies too. Be prepared if the weather turns too on any outdoor excursion with our range of fantastic kids umbrellas.

Plant something

Springtime is synonymous with rebirth and all things nature and what better way to celebrate than planting seeds and nurturing them as they grow. This is both great for indoors and outdoors the whole family can be involved with, and the kids will love seeing the tiny seed they planted grow into a huge plant or flower over the course of the coming year.

Image by: Mschlindwein

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