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Fun Ways to Introduce Your Kids to Animals

How do kids know the difference between a monkey and a pony? Does your boy know what a sheep is? Does your girl know the sounds a lion makes? Introducing kids to animals can be fun if you know how to get them interested.

Here are few ideas to help your little boy or girl love animals:


Go For a Walk
Even if it rains, get your child an umbrella and take them for a walk around your neighbourhood, or go to a nearby picnic spot. Animals can be found everywhere... if you look hard enough you should be able to find ducks or cows, deer or even dogs not far away from your home.

Animal Accessories
You can easily dress your little boy or a girl in an animal themed outfit as well as add an animal print umbrella or backpack. Boys and girls umbrellas have so many lovely prints and they’re practically gender neutral- so go wild.

Animal Songs
The famous ‘Baby Shark’ or ‘5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed’ are great songs to start with. Music is a great way to help kids learn. They can start to familiarise themselves with typical animal characteristics through fun rhymes and songs.

A Zoo Trip
Taking children to the zoo is obviously an excellent way of teaching them about animals. Children learn about animal habitats, the need for animal conservation, and even about their basic lifestyles!

Why not get your child an animal colouring book or a stickers one? You can also try out animal ‘joining the dots’ and ‘connecting lines’ to make different animal shapes. You can also buy one of our cheap umbrellas and have your child paint animals over them!

Make animal costumes and indulge in pretend-play fun by quacking like a duck or roaring like the king of the jungle! You can also make small hand puppets of animals and enact a complete story. This is an excellent and imaginative way to teach kids about animals (and even those that are extinct!).


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