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Fun ways to keep the kids entertained at a wedding

Summer time is the best for weddings, as the weather is usually better and more people will be available to attend. Though children might sometimes be kept off the guest list, they can be a lot of fun to have at a wedding, and it is important all guests from the littlest to the biggest are kept happy.

Take a look at some of the things the bride and groom, and all the guests, can do to make sure the kids are entertained and happy throughout the course of the day.

Kids meals: Most of the kids might not be interested in the carefully selected dinner you have at your reception, so having a back-up for the kids is a safe option, especially if there are any fussy eaters. If you are having a buffet, make sure there are some child-friendly choices for them too.

Kids desserts: The wedding cake might be a bit rich for young children, so make sure the kids don’t miss out by having some cupcakes for them. To make things easier and more fun for them, lay out some cake decorations, so they can make their own cakes!

Lemonade stand: It won’t just be the kids who will enjoy a lemonade stand! On a hot sunny day, lemonade will be the perfect way too cool down any unruly kids, and any adult guests who aren’t drinking will be happy for something other than Pimms to be served!

Keep them involved: Kids will love to get involved with the actual wedding ceremony too – and that will provide some very cute photo opportunities! Let the children throw the confetti, hand you a horse shoe and even be the ring bearer!

Kids only table: The kids who are old enough to eat by themselves can bet seated around a kids only table. This will mean the kids won’t be bored with the adults, and the adults can have some child-free time too. If the table has some colouring books, stickers and some fun activities to do, they might even keep quiet for the speeches!

Play area: If the venue you are having your wedding at has either a garden or room for the kid guests to play in, take advantage! On a sunny day, the kids will love being able to play out – though mind out for any dirty marks on those fancy clothes. Alternatively, you can set up a room to play a film or other quiet activities to keep the kids entertained.

Remember to grab some wedding umbrellas for your wedding if the weather might take a turn for the worse. We have some great kid’s umbrellas for the younger guests too, so everyone will stay dry.

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