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Part 1: Cost Effective and Fun Wedding Ideas You Won’t Have Thought Of

There are a lot of blogs around detailing “how to” or “twists on” the more traditional ideas for your wedding, but after we came across an article in BuzzFeed, we thought we’d report on some rather more obscure – but impossibly fun – wedding ideas you could implement for your big day you’ve likely not thought of yet. There are so many ideas, we’ll be doing this in two parts – read on for part one.

Ball Pit

We’re all big kids at heart! And indulging in the celebratory mood only makes this fact even more so, so if logistics allow, you could consider scrapping the pricey evening entertainment for a whole lot of laughs with this childhood (and likely adulthood) favourite – a gigantic ball pit!

Matching Converse

It’s not so bad for the groom but it’s a well known nightmare for the bride – how to handle those beautiful wedding heels, particularly on the dance floor all night. Customising a pair of converse trainers could provide an awesome memory, and a welcome reprieve for tired feet as the wedding day wears on.

DJ Song Requests

Another brilliant idea we saw was to have a field for a DJ song request on your wedding invite. It can be hard to cater the music to all tastes and generations at the wedding reception, so providing the DJ with a list such as this can go a long way to ensuring auditory perfection on the night.

Flower Grandmas

Instead of flower girls, how about having flower Grandmas?! We thought this was a wonderful idea, and we’re sure Granny would appreciate it too.

Naughty Wedding Cake Toppers

A cheap idea yet guaranteed to inspire some laughs among your guests – you can get cheeky wedding cake toppers (just give it a Google) which could add a touch of something different to your wedding cake. Just so long as the topper you choose doesn’t offend any of the older guests!

Late Night Snack Van

The costs of elaborate dinners in ornate surroundings can spiral – particularly when you mention the word “wedding” to vendors. However oftentimes guests may just want some good old fashioned and filling grub. We thought it was a wonderful idea therefore to hire a food van to feed everyone – you can get pretty much any cuisine you like now and it avoids any arguments over menu choices!

Lastly, don’t forget you can customise your wedding for cheap with our wedding umbrellas. Whether you use them to stay dry, to contain a centrepiece or as a prop for your photos, we promise you - the humble brolly is far more versatile than you think.

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