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Black is Back - Five Funky Black Umbrella Designs

In the fashion world you can never go wrong with black. The 2013 Autumn/Winter trend is black on black. Its slimming, its flattering, its seductive - its perfect!

It comes as no surprise then, that the humble umbrella also looks good in black. There's not just the standard black though, there's the floral black, the monochrome black, the mottled black and so many more. Check out our top five funky umbrella designs and click through to view them on our Pinterest wall - in black of course.

1. Ravishing Ruffles

The layered, ruffled look is super stylish and we're not just talking about female fashion! This black ruffled umbrella is sure to make a statement, and although it might be slightly bulky to carry around, all those layers will certainly keep you dry! See it on Pinterest.

2. Mellow Monochrome

The monochrome look is also very "in" this fashion season and you can see it all over the high streets. Sophisticated and stylish - why not transfer these ideas over to your umbrella and make a statement? You won't lose this umbrella in a hurry! See it on Pinterest.

3. Sheep Chic

This kid's umbrella definitely has the cute factor! The sheep design with sticky out ears on top is the perfect umbrella for your little ones who will happily stay out of the puddles and rain once they've got their hands on one of these. See it on Jollybrolly from Kidorable.

4. The Devilish Dome

Who said that when it rained and you put your umbrella up you should no longer be able to see the sky? If you're a tad nosy (like myself!) and want to keep an eye on everything going on around you - try out this clear dome umbrella, with a sheek and sylish black stripe going round the base of course! See it on Jollybrolly.

5. A Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are incredibly popular nowadays and there's no shortage of in-love couples looking to add that mystical, magical touch that comes only with a crisp winters day whilst taking their nuptials. And whilst we're coming up to the Winter season at the moment, we can start thinking about these Winter wedding umbrellas just in case we need them for that lovely, traditional, wet British weather! This black wedding umbrella adds a touch of sheek to any wedding, if tradition isn't your thing - this is the perfect wedding accessory to make a statement. See it on Jollybrolly.

There we have it - our top five. Who knew black umbrellas could be so versatile!

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