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What Does The Future Of Umbrellas Look Like?

Technology is pretty much-changing everything! Fact. From what we do in our spare time and also how we work, this also means things as traditional as umbrellas are getting makeovers too in order to fit in with the ever-changing technology world we live in.

Check out these hi-tech umbrella designs might one day just be our reality.

Windproof Umbrellas

Okay, so technically this one has already be done. For example, the Fulton Stormshield Umbrella is pretty much able to do with. However, umbrellas will always have their limits before they need to break. These umbrellas are able to withstand up to a crazy 78 mph and are designed to maintain its structure even the most sudden gust.

In order to achieve windproof umbrellas these umbrellas typically feature:
A Double Canopy: The canopy on the inside has special vents that even out the pressure on the outer canopy and lets air pass through. This will ease the strain on the umbrellas support structure.
Elastic: A cord built into the canopy that prevents it from ripping and helps to retain its overall shape.
Durability: Very tough materials are used, Polycarbonate joints and fibreglass shafts that are able to take more stress and strain compared to the standard umbrellas

Web Umbrellas

Taking the use of technology up a level, there are also rumours of an umbrella that can project the internet. Using cameras which are embedded and WI-FI this design can download photos and videos from the web, before showing you them via the underside of the umbrella's canopy!! This all sounds rather futuristic right, but it just might be a reality one day.

Airblow 2050

This one is by far the most futuristic concept out there. The project has been designed as part of James Dyson Award based on the idea of just how unpractical our conventional umbrella is. Umbrellas cause wet floors, collisions and the majority will turn inside out when strong winds blow. So, someone very clever has decided to design one with an idea to have no all.

The Airblow 2050 has been designed based on Dysons technology, it utilises Dysons digital motor to inhale air and blow it out, in theory creating an invisible protection dome to bounce any water droplets away. Users can open this concept umbrella and turn on the motor in order to create their own air dome, pretty cool right?

Who knows what the future of umbrellas will look like but if any of these are to go by then its set to be an exciting ride.

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