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Futuristic oombrella reminds you to take it with you

We all have those days when we look out the window in the morning to see bright sunshine but as soon as you head out the door the heavens open, and of course, you have forgotten your umbrella!

There is now a solution to the problem of getting soaked when you needn’t be – the oombrella. Oombrella is a connected umbrella that will send notifications to your smart phone to remind you to take it with you, if it supposed to rain.

It works by being a portable weather station, collecting data on temperature, pressure, humidity and light. The weather service the umbrella uses is hyper-local, aiming to make sure it will actually rain in your location. Alerts you can receive include reminders if you leave it behind whether at home, work or in a restaurant, weather alerts for bad weather and the chance to share weather data.

However, if you live in rainy Britain, it’s best to keep an umbrella with you no matter the forecast, and check out the brilliant folding umbrellas we have at Jolly Brolly that can easily fit into your handbag! Take your pick from some brilliant flashy patterns – seeing it will be the only reminder you need.

Photo by: Oombrella/ Kickstarter

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