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Take That: Gary Barlow Completes His Trio of Wedding Crashs

It’s been almost a year since Take That star Gary Barlow made a promise to appear at three couple’s weddings and sing as a truly wonderful surprise for some of his hard core fans via the social media platform Twitter. He completed his task – and then some – just recently, and we’ve got the heart warming reports from each occasion.

Berkshire Brilliance

Mr Barlow appeared at the wedding of a couple in Old Windsor, Berkshire first of all. The die-hard fan was one Danielle Jones, who simply screamed with joy when Mr Barlow made his shock appearance and serenaded her.

The song of choice? Take That’s hit “A Million Love Songs” which went down very well for the occasion.

And the timing? The new Mrs Jones and her husband had just completed their first dance when her maid of honour led her over to the big surprise.

What made it more of a surprise was when she asked if Gary would sing at her wedding on Twitter… and got told he was out of the country on the day! T'was all a clever ruse…

Lucked Out in Liverpool

For Anita Morrissey-Booth and her new husband, Alex Morrissey, they knew Gary Barlow would be attending their wedding in advance… they had booked a look-a-like. However they had no clue that in fact the real deal would be turning up to sing them into married life!

Their quote after their wonderful surprise summed it up perfectly – “Dreams Do Come True”.

Oxfordshire Rules the World

Last but most certainly not least, was hard core Take That fan Natalie Purkis. The Hampshire couple were enjoying their celebration when it was made that little bit more special with a live rendition of “Rule The World” for which Mr Barlow got on his knees to sing.

As all good things though, his surprise appearances must – and sadly have – come to an end, at least for now. The singer posted on his Twitter feed:

"Well that completes my wedding appearances for 2015! Thank you to everyone who invited me to their special day!”


"What started out as just a bit of fun turned into something much more meaningful and amazing."

Here’s hoping he does it again next year!

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