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Geode wedding cakes are a new dazzling trend

As so many new trends are emerging, many couples are leaving traditional weddings behind. Whether it's swapping a white gown for a colourful one, a choreographed entrance or drones filming and capturing images from above the guests, there are so many exciting ways to make your wedding unique.

One of the newest ways to add something extra eye-catching to your wedding is geode cakes. Brides are swapping the plain frosting for towering cakes covered in sparkly stones and crystals. Mimicking geode rock formations, which contain crystals like amethyst, the cakes look very real – and also very tasty!

The hand-crafted cakes started becoming popular in Australia, and now brides all over are falling head-over heels for the crystal covered cakes. There are lots of different ways to make geode cakes part of your wedding too.

As well as towering wedding cakes, they can also be done in individual cakes, or made for party favours. We are definitely impressed with bold and interesting new trend!

As well as having a spectacular cake at your wedding, make sure you are also prepared for everything else – even the rain – with some of our amazing white wedding umbrellas that will help keep you and your groom dry, and also create a perfect photo op!

Image by: Earth Child Weddings / Instagram

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