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Get a customised umbrella for any event with Jolly Brolly

At Jolly Brolly, you can design your own bespoke umbrella, ideal for corporate days, weddings and any events that require a personal touch. Our specially designed umbrellas will not just get your company name seen, but will be head-turning and an interesting way of advertising.

We have an in-house design team that will help with specific logo designs, the visuals and proofs, before you even commit to purchasing your branded, bespoke umbrellas.

There is a range of styles, qualities and printing techniques to choose from, we have umbrellas to fit every budget and cater to every occasion.

As each order made is customised, the prices can vary, but you can be assured whatever price you pay, you will be getting the best standard umbrella that will fit your needs. When putting in your order, be accurate with the detail you provide our designers, so they know exactly what you want.

Our order system is so easy to use! Choose colours for the canopy and handle, the handle shapes, the grips, and any extras you might require. The bespoke umbrellas, whether it is for a wedding or corporate event, will be made especially to your needs.

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