As soon as that special someone drops down on one knee and asks you to spend the rest of your life with them it will only be a matter of time before you start worrying about what you will look like on that special day.

Whether you’re already a fitness buff or plan to lose a few pounds, it is always a good idea be fit and healthy for the big day, it will not only have you feeling great but also looking great in the wedding photos. Below you will find some great pointers on how you can tone up and feel fantastic on your wedding day.

Start early

Start your training plan at least six months before your wedding; this is a realistic timeframe if you wish to lose weight and be healthy in the most stress-free way possible.

Be realistic

If you have never lifted a weight before it would be silly to set a goal of lifting 150kg before your big day. The same applies to food; if you like a burger don’t tell yourself you won’t eat one before the big day, it’s about recognising your strengths and playing to them.

Cardio and strength training

What is going to get your goal faster, cardio or weights? Cardio continues to burn calories the whole day, whilst reducing stress and improving your self-esteem. Strength training helps to tone muscles, and also boost your metabolism. It’s about finding balance.


It’s well known that sugar and processed food are terrible for your health so exchange them for fresh fruit and vegetables, lean protein and water when possible. If you fancy indulging in something sweet, opt for a piece of fruit dipped in high cocoa content chocolate. With a healthier diet your skin will improve and your metabolism will speed up, ideal for the photo call on your wedding day.

Do it with a friend

Get the help of a personal trainer, or one of the bridal party and encourage each other.

Will power

A wedding may be the incentive you need to get in to the best shape possible, but once the day is over try not to revert back to bad habits, your new lifestyle should become part of your post-wedding routine.



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