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Get high quality umbrellas for any occasion from Jolly Brolly

As Jolly Brolly we pride ourselves on the high quality and affordable range of umbrellas we have on offer. There are umbrellas for all occasions, from corporate events to weddings, and umbrellas for everyone from kids to golfers.

For wedding umbrellas, we have some gorgeous umbrellas that will protect you from the rain on the big day – and also can make for a super cute photo op with your new husband or wife! These can also be ordered in a bulk, so everyone in the wedding party has one, as well as up to 30 Jolly Brolly umbrellas to hand out to guests. They can also be ordered last minute – great if there is a sudden change in weather!

For corporate events, we offer you the chance to add your company logo to the umbrella – a sure fire way to make you stand out. These can be ordered online, and our team of designers can help you choose the right colours, handles and more to suit your preferences.

The range of kids of umbrellas will make all children want to be outside when it’s raining! The colourful, vibrant designs will make your kids fall in love with their umbrellas and rush to be singing and dancing in the puddles!

We also have a great selection of ladies’ umbrellas and men’s, from dome umbrellas, sturdy folding umbrellas that can easily fit in your bag and a lovely range of coloured umbrellas that can will bring a ray of sunshine to your rainy days!

Have a look online at the wonderful selection we have and be prepared for all the rainy days heading your way!

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