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Get Your Home Ready For The Summer Months

You’ve probably already noticed the change of season in the air. At last the days are getting brighter and longer, the dull weather of the Christmas season is fading into memory and yes, it’s true. Summer’s coming. With the promise of fantastic holiday weather ahead, this is just the right time for preparing your home so that you can sit back and make the most of it.

During the colder months, you can’t always get around to doing those routine maintenance jobs that your home really needs on a regular basis - clearing the gutters, getting the windows clean outside as well as in, and repairing any damage from the winter season. But as the warmer days appear, you have the chance to catch up and do whatever needs doing before it gets so hot you’ll need to be lying out and topping up your tan instead.

With any luck, because there won’t be too much urgency to get your work done, you’ll also be able to pick up some welcome discounts on the maintenance jobs you need doing. Think about getting the boiler serviced, any heating devices checked over, and air-conditioning filters cleaned and tuned up. The paintwork might benefit from a closer look, and while you’re there, think about a deep clean using a pressure washer to stop any build up from plants and dust from taking hold. You might expose some rotten wood that needs replacing or repairing, but that’s worth discovering before it gets to be a more serious issue.

Your garden is another place where jobs are best done in the summer. Cut back any overgrowth and trim plants that are getting out of hand. Sweep the leaves away and check for trees that have grown substantially in size since last season, so that you’re taking care of your house foundations too. And on the inside, this is a great time to spring clean your cupboards. Don’t let old tins and other goods build up year after year. Use the contents or dispose of them so that you can make a fresh start. Look at the dates and if you’re not going to use them, consider giving them away, perhaps to a charity that works to feed those in need.

Yes, we are talking about getting some actual nice weather again, however, due to us living in the UK, a rain shower will never be far away! Before you take a day in the sun be sure to have your umbrella handy!

There’s a reason people talk about spring cleans. This time of year is perfect for bringing your whole home back into a state of freshness ready for a summer of fun. Use the better weather to get your home prepared.

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