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Get the kids outside on a rainy day

We always hope that when the school holidays hit us, there isn’t even a grey cloud in sight. But with the unpredictable British weather, there is never a guarantee of clear blue skies and sun that will get the kids playing outdoors. As such, we always need a back-up for some indoor activities to keep everyone entertained.

However, we shouldn’t let the rain dampen our spirits: we should embrace it and get out some raincoats, wellies and kids umbrellas so we can enjoy the great outdoors – whatever the weather! Not sure what you can do in the rain? We have put together some fun ideas for you to try.

Get arty

Embrace your children’s creative side and make something arty with the rain. All you need is some paper plates and food colouring. Sprinkle a few dots on the paper plates, then head outside with plates in hand. As the rain hits the plate, the colours mix and swirl together, creating a totally unique piece of art. Take the plates back inside and let them dry. Once they are, hang them up so you can all admire the artistic creativity!

Jump in puddles

Often the kid's favourite thing to do when it rains is jump in puddles – even when you tell them not to! Make sure they are dressed appropriately, and that you have some spare clothes ready to be changed into when you get home.  Once they are kitted up, let them go nuts! Why not challenge them to see who can make the biggest splash too?

Become scientists

You can get the kids learning about the rain too, while they are playing it. Find out what everyday items might float or sink in water, follow streams to see where they go, and even test how much rainfall you get in a certain period of time. This is easy to do. Get a clear jar or glass, measure out centimetres and millimetres on a lollipop stick using a ruler and then tape the stick to the jar or glass. Set the jar out in your garden in a place where it will get rain going into it, not at the side of the house. After a period of time has passed, from a few hours to a whole day, go and check to see how much water has gone into the jar!

Have a boat race

Make some paper boats, or use pieces of wood and leaves found in your garden and have a boat race! Use the water streaming down the street (if it is safe from cars) or a stream in a local pool if you access to one. Put numbers on the boats, make them as fancy or practical as you can and give a small prize to the person with the fastest boat!

Go on a wildlife trek

Wet weather brings out wildlife you might not normally see on a bright sunny day, such as worms and snails. Have a search around your garden or the local park to see how many creatures, creepy crawlies and birds you can spot. Make it educational by writing them down, taking a picture and when you get back home, look up what type of creature it was!

Listen to the sound of rain

You might not have thought about it much, but rain makes all kinds of interesting sounds. When out on a walk in the rain, protected by your kids’ umbrellas, stop for a few minutes and concentrate on the sounds the pouring rain makes. See if you can determine which objects, such as metal, plastic or glass, make what sound. If you don’t have time to go for a walk, set up objects in your garden to listen to.

Play in the mud

Be prepared for some mess and an emergency bath when you get home if you play in the mud! Make mud pies, have a mud fight and make sculptures if the mud is right. You can also use it to paint pictures on the ground or bring some paper or card, which won’t get ruined immediately and draw some mud pictures!

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