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Get your pets involved in your wedding ceremony

The great thing about weddings is that it includes everyone in the family, from friends and family that you might not often get to see to the closest members of your circle who have been involved in every last detail of the planning. Just as much as you treasure the day itself you treasure those precious memories that are held within the photographs, and this new trend is even more inclusive!

The latest trend emerging is to include your pets in the wedding ceremony! They have been used as the ring bearers and flower girls, adding a real quirky and personal element to the day, these furry creatures also look adorable in the photographs!

It has been a particularly popular trend on Instagram, with people showing the love for their four legged friends, complete with flower crowns, necklaces and bouquets! Check out #petsatweddings if you want to see some of the most adorable images on the internet!

Some have even taken to getting their pets to propose, or other animals in zoos, with some of the performances proving to be spectacular! A sea lion even managed to seal the deal for one lucky couple in Devon while they sheltered under a red umbrella!

Will you be taking some inspiration from this fun trend and including it in your ceremony? Be sure to let us know and send us in your cute little animal images as they celebrate your big day with you!

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