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Chore of the Rings: How To Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring

One ring to rule them all, one ring to bind them… Ok so it’s not that ring we are talking about. More precious than THE precious, your wedding ring is the lifelong lasting symbol of the love you share with your partner, so making sure you pick the right one is extremely important. With so much on offer, from traditional plain gold bands to platinum rings engraved and bejewelled, there is a ring out there that speaks to your style as a couple.. But how do you choose the perfect one?

Where do I start?
With so much to plan for on your big day, it is important to budget and the price of your rings must be included. Some people may see the ring as a small token in the grand scheme of things, however considering it is supposed to last forever, durability and quality are important to consider when you start ring shopping. Traditionally, the female is expected to choose the ring for her groom and vice versa, however shopping together to get an accurate idea of what your partner likes is key. When it comes to where to do your shopping, both the high street and bespoke ring makers are good places to start. Try a variety of jewellers so you are sure to get a good cross-section of designs and styles to maximise your choice.

There are also jewellers out there who will conduct a home-visit with a range of styles and metals so you get to think about it in the privacy of your home, without the hustle and bustle of other shoppers distracting you. This also gives you the opportunity to be more involved with the seller and receive undisturbed and very special attention!

How do I choose?
People are often treated to a barrage of different options when shopping for rings, from types of metal, to colour and style, as well as any embellishments or engravings. Whilst most traditional wedding rings are made in some form of gold, there are other metals available including titanium and palladium. Different metals cost different prices so be sure to try a range of metals to see not just which is cost-effective for you but also which is most comfortable. The majority of women are used to wearing rings throughout their lives, however many men will have not ever worn jewellery at all, let alone something intended to stay on forever, so it is important to test out certain shapes and metals to see which is the most versatile and comfortable. Some jewellers can create a mould in order to gauge comfort for the wearer too, which can be worn for a few weeks at a time  to get the best idea of what fits and what feels right.

Can I try something new?
If you do not want to shop from the high street then perhaps the antique or vintage jewellery market is for you. There are a huge number of stores dealing in antique rings which can be perfect for adding some classic glamour to any wedding - a particularly romantic decision if there is a story behind your chosen ring. Bespoke ring designers can  be invaluable in helping the happy couple create something truly unique with a style that speaks volumes about you as individuals as well as your relationship as a couple. There is even the possibility of melting down old jewellery or family heirlooms into a brand new bespoke ring, a quaint and memorable idea which can then be passed from generation to generation.

From white gold to platinum, plain to embellished and vintage to brand-spanking new, there is huge scope for choice when it comes to the perfect ring. With all the other things to think about come the big day, make sure to choose your rings as early as possible so you can rest easy knowing the symbol of your love and life together is perfectly sorted.

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