Your gorgeous bridesmaids are likely to be kept very busy. They'll probably help you plan your wedding, get you safely through the potential craziness of your hen night (or make it crazier!), stand there willing you on as you say your vows, smile sweetly through all the photos, make conversations sparkle among your guests and then up and dancing first when the reception needs livening up!

So have you thought about the gifts you might want to give them to say thank you for all their hard work? You know them best of all of course, and it’s possible your bridesmaids would value a pint of engine oil each to help them with their part-time car restoration hobby. But assuming you’re in the market for some more conventional ideas, here are just a few we’ve thought of.

If your bridesmaids have a sweet tooth, you could consider a flamboyant box of chocolates each, with an outsized ribbon and a flourish of decadence. If they have finer tastes and you’re looking for a classy gift, perhaps choose a bottle of wine with a vintage they’ll appreciate and can save for just the right moment.

Perhaps you’re looking for gifts to last rather than to consume. Anything personalised is a great idea. It shows you’re thinking about your bridesmaids as individuals if you give them something adorned with their name or initials. Lots of items can be personalised these ideas.

It could be a silver necklace with their first initial, or a beautiful notebook or photograph album embossed with their name. A more unusual and distinctive idea is a personalised umbrella - ideal as a stylish part of the wedding shoot, or for a group day out to celebrate after the event. Personalised umbrellas are a fun talking point and a unique present to give.

If not personalised, a quality photo frame could be a good choice, although don’t automatically assume they’ll want to display a scene of them in their bridesmaid dress on their mantlepiece. If in doubt, leave the frame empty. She can fill it herself with a shot of her choice. And of course, if you’ve chosen a special group of friends to be your bridesmaids on mass, a photo of all of you together on your special day could be a lovely souvenir!

Just make sure you say thank you. Bridesmaids are likely to be lifelong friends.