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Essential gifts for your event guests

Putting on an event requires a lot of organisation, with venues to find and guest lists to plan, the essential gifts to provide your guests with can often be overlooked. Whatever your event, whether it’s a wedding or charity do there are some essential gifts you should consider providing your guests to keep them happy.

Handheld cameras

At most events, there will be a professional photographer, particularly true for weddings, taking pictures of all the happy guests and the cheerful festivities going on. However, do not underestimate the shots that can be captured by your guests on handheld cameras. Providing cameras for your guests can keep them occupied with a fun task, whilst also letting them capture their own memories of the event. Compiling copies of the photos from your guests can make for a unique and beautiful photobook or can be used for promotional purposes for future events.


The English weather is unfortunately very unpredictable and this means that many outdoor events can turn into a bit of a soggy affair! If there is a chance that your guests could be rained on, even if it’s just getting to their car, providing them with an umbrella can be the little touch that makes sure they remember your event. You can even consider customised umbrellas to fit the colour theme of your event, incorporate logos or names to make them extra special.

Food treats

Making sure your guests don’t go through the event hungry is very important to avoid disappointment, as well as people leaving the event early. Putting on a buffet style food choice can ensure you cater to different tastes, as well avoiding costs of catering staff to serve your guests.


If your event is held outside, or in a marquee it can often get a little chilly as the night draws in. Sometimes a big thick coat isn’t the first thing on your guest’s minds, especially if the weather had been nice during the day. It can be a nice gesture to provide blankets for your guests if they want to sit down for a couple of minutes after dancing or want to catch up with old friends.

Perfume and Sprays

Sometimes a woman’s handbag just isn’t big enough to store everything we need! So, putting an array of pretty scented perfumes and sprays can allow your women guests to freshen up on their bathroom breaks during the event. It would also be good to provide this in the men’s bathroom as well, especially after long sessions on the dance floor- busting out their classic dad moves- the men may need a decent deodorant!

Image credit: julian wylegly, available under Creative Commons.

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