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Heading On A Golf Getaway This Summer? Here Are Your 10 essentials To Take With You.

Off for your next golfing break? Lucky you. If you’re still packing, here are the 10 accessories we reckon you’ll want to take with you.

1) First off, a golf umbrella. No question about it, it's going to be worth having a decent golf umbrella to shelter you from the sun or keep you dry in a shower. Nothing should get in the way of a good game of golf. Certainly not the weather.

2) Sunglasses. When the shot has to be made but the sun is in your eyes, it’s no fun. Bring your shades with you and you can play through that break in the clouds.

3) An all-weather cover for your clubs. Golf clubs are a huge investment, so bring a travel cover to protect yours from the sun and wind and rain. The travel versions are lightweight, so you won’t be weighed down.

4) How about a fun golf shirt. Yes, on the course you need to ensure you meet the dress code, but if you’re on a golf break, the chances are you’ll find yourself in places where you can wear something a little jazzier. Brighten up the 19th hole with a bolder colour scheme.

5) Warm layers. A comfortable golf sweater is a great addition to a holiday on the golf course. If you get a bit chilly, it’s there to layer on top, without restricting your swing.

6) A day bag. Why not bring a backpack with those essentials hidden inside for easy access. Make sure it’s easy to pack and retrieve the contents, so that you can use it while you’re out and about between games.

7) Raincoat. If possible, go for a specially designed water-repellent golf sweater or jacket that isn’t too bulky and can look smart for dining too. Any garment that can multi-task is going to be a plus.

8) Spare socks! it’s not just about rainy weather. If you’re playing more than one round of golf a day, you’ll want to be fresh and clean each time. Cushioned support will make your game more comfortable. Be nice to your feet.

9) A cap. If you don’t normally wear a baseball cap, consider one for your golfing break. The brim will make a useful sunshade, and it’s really easy to pack.

10) Finally, get a decent bag for your luggage. You’ll be glad you did. Straps will allow you to carry it in different ways, and if you can avoid wheels it’ll be even easier to transport.

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