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Golf Outfits That Help You Play Your Best

Ladies, do you have that lucky outfit that for some reason you just tend to play golf well in?      I’ll bet we all do.Typically when you are feeling good in all aspects of your life, you’ll score better than if you’re not feeling your best. And having all your accessories together- such as sun shading hats and a windproof ladies golf umbrella - doesn’t hurt either!

If you’re planning to upgrade your golf wardrobe with accessories here are few fashion tips that may help you find your best style.

Women’s Golf Hats & Visors:

There are multiple options for women when it comes to hats and visors. They can add a great touch to any outfit, and hats are included in almost all female golfer’s outfits. When to comes to dressing for golf, we always like to look at how the professionals dress. If you look at the LPGA players, the standard look when it comes to headwear is typically a one colour, athletic hat or visor.

You can’t go wrong with a plain white visor and/or a black cap. If you want to have a few more options, we’d suggest getting a few colours that you like, including a white/black and then two brighter colours like red, blue, or green. There are a lot of cheap brands of visors that will bend and become deformed very easily if not taken great care of. Avoid these off brands and stick with the name brand hats, as they are not much more expensive but they have a much better track record.

Hats are not always just an addition to an outfit… they play a larger role in avoiding too much sun contact. Plus, it’s hard to play golf when you can feel your face burning before your eyes.
As always though, make sure you use lots of sunscreen prior to a round if this is a concern.

Ladies Golf Umbrellas

Playing in the rain can ruin your game , make sure you’re prepared for any weather with a ladies golf umbrella. You can go classic black golf umbrella or add colour to your look with a red or yellow ladies golf umbrella.

Large vented umbrellas are also a great option for a more professional look. Obviously it’s not all about looks - make sure your golf umbrella is windproof and you don’t have to chase it down the golf course when the wind blows. After all you don’t want anything to distract you from your game.

Ladies Golf Shoes:

To keep it short and sweet, it all depends on how much you are willing to spend, whether you walk or ride when you play, and how fast you swing the golf club. If you are willing to spend a lot of money to buy the best shoes out there, look at FootJoy shoes. They are the cream of the crop for golf shoes. FootJoy is owned by Titliest, which is undoubtedly the best brand in all of golf. They have a great reputation and fantastic customer service. If you are interested in laceless shoes, check out their Boa golf shoes that tighten with a turn of the knob.

If you typically walk when you play, I can’t stress enough the importance of a very comfortable golf shoe. The most comfortable shoe brand in golf is Sketchers at the moment.They have come out with some great models in the last couple of years meant specifically for making women’s feet feel as great as possible after walking 18 holes.

If you have a very fast swing speed and use the ground to get a lot of your power, I would make sure you have shoes with a great support, like spikes. Otherwise, you might find yourself slipping on slightly damp golf courses, which could lead to some very wayward shots.

We encourage you to piece together a couple of great outfits so that you don’t feel the constant need to buy new clothes. Remember: it’s quality over quantity!

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