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Golf Umbrella Etiquette In The UK

In the same confusing way that many of Britain’s drivers stop adhering to the most basic rules on the road when rain starts to fall, it appears that the use of golf umbrellas follows a similar pattern. Golfers are often so focused on their game that they instantly forget about their giant umbrella waving around in your face.

Chances are if you’re thinking ‘I never do this’, you’re one of the culprits! But never fear, we’ve created a short list of golf umbrella etiquette do’s and dont’s that should keep you in everyone's good books:


First of all, use an appropriate umbrella for the job. Specifically designed golf umbrellas are purpose-built for heavy rain and strong winds - definitely what you want when you’re tackling the course in adverse weather conditions, and it’s unlikely anything else will do.

Another key pointer is to raise or lower your umbrella when approaching others. The easiest way to know what to do is raise your umbrella if you’re tall, and lower it if you’re short - this is the best strategy to avoid poking someone with the tip of the umbrella.

Share your umbrella! Golf umbrellas are pretty massive by default, and there’s nothing worse than one individual hogging an umbrella when at least one other person could fit under the cover.


First things first, don’t take your umbrella with you if you don’t have to! Carrying around a huge metal weapon when a hat or hood will do isn’t going to please anyone. This is an important one, especially when it’s windy - leave the brolly at home.

Another unpopular move is shaking your umbrella off when you make it inside. If you’re going to do this, take a second to check there are no unsuspecting souls who’ll get a drenching - you staying dry shouldn’t mean that someone else has to get wet.

Looking at your phone whilst walking around with brolly in hand is a surefire way to annoy someone, especially if you end up bumping into them when you’re distracted. Keep your phone out of reach when you’re out on the course, and if you do need to check it, make sure you’re not on the move.

Last but not least, we always suggest you carry your closed golf umbrella with the tip facing the ground. Doing this stops the umbrella becoming a weapon and reduces the chances of a poking-based injury.

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