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Golf Umbrellas 101

A good golf umbrella is a vital accessory for any players bag when the weather decides to go south, an umbrella is your best friend on a rain-whipped course, protecting both you and your clubs.

There are a few important factors to consider when buying an umbrella, you have to look at the dimensions, wind resistance, shaft material and also colour scheme. This buying guide will give you the very best advice for choosing the right golf umbrella.

1 - Take Your Time

It’s not uncommon for golfers to own an umbrella and use it regularly out on the course. However, it is more than likely that a large percentage of those players got their umbrella either through some kind of promotion offered by a manufacturer while buying something else or simply by grabbing the first one they see without considering whether it was the right one for them.

Freebies are awesome we know and should definitely be accepted when offered - especially if it saves you money but that shouldn't be the end of the story. You should also invest some time in choosing an umbrella which meets all your requirements in the long term as at the end of the day this is your game and no one else's. Every player wants to feel comfortable, dry and safe on the golf course and sometimes the only way to achieving this is seeking out the best products.

2 - The Bigger the Better

We stock a great range of golf umbrellas, including our very own JollyBrolly Golf Umbrellas, so we are confident you will find what you need with us. As a rule the bigger umbrella you own the better it will perform and it can be comfortably handled without blowing away then you are sure onto a winner. Not all golfer have the privilege of a caddie accompanying them around the course, so purchasing an umbrella to keep your clubs and bag dry is a great way to prolong the life of the equipment which can save you a lot of money in the long run.

3 - Tried and Tested Wind Resistance

Any golf umbrella worth investing some money in has been subjected to intense wind tunnel testing and will sometimes be marked with the wind levels that they can reasonably tolerate before supposedly falling apart.

It’s best to buy an umbrella that is able to withstand very high wind speeds and adverse weather conditions to make sure it will perform when the moment arrives when it is needed for some quick protection. A lot of golfers do not concern themselves when making sure that the umbrella that they are purchasing has been fully tested.

Our JollyBrolly Golf Umbrellas has a robust storm proof frame to ensure you to keep dry no matter what the weather, We also stock Fulton Stormshield Canopy Umbrellas which are expertly finished, Stormproof and specially designed for increased wind resistance.

4 - Choosing Shaft Material

Every golf umbrella will have shaft material based on what company designed it feels and looks the best, for this sole reason there is no right or wrong shaft material to buy. Using a fibreglass shaft rather than steel will significantly decrease the chances of being struck by lightning while on the course, it sounds silly and it very rare but it can and does happen so that’s why some golfers prefer to reduce the risk so we would recommend that. All the umbrellas we sell on our site are all made from Fibreglass frames.

Rubber, Graphite and EVA shafts are also available in other stores, so you will have to have a look and see which umbrella takes your fancy.

5 - Colour

Golf umbrellas can and do serve an important function in addition to keeping players and golf equipment dry. Bright and vivid colours will make sure players are visible on golf courses which are particularly in useful in poorly lighted conditions and overcast mornings.

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