Just when you thought there was nothing left to invent in the umbrella world, then along comes drone technology. You know drones? They’re the tiny remote-controlled helicopters that are often used these days to shoot video and photographs in hard to reach places, or to deliver packages at speed.

Well, fun fact: soon you could be making use of that same space-age device for keeping your hair dry on a wet day, or perhaps shading you from the fierce rays of the midday sun. Yes, it’s true that drone-umbrellas could one day become the norm. What do you think?

Imagine yourself on the golf course, in a sudden shower, and needs both hands free to swing your club, to pull your golf cart or to scribble on your scorecard. Enter, the hovering automatic drone-powered umbrella, saving your game from the downpour without you even lifting a finger.

Or consider a day at the beach when the weather’s nice and warm but the dark clouds are a little ominous. Or you have the opposite problem and you’d like a little shelter on a sunny day. No problem. Just keep your body relaxed on that towel and your nose buried in your novel because here comes your very own drone-umbrella. Hovering above your sunbed or windbreak haven, your airborne umbrella will mean you can get on with enjoying your day by the sea while the drone keeps you safe from the elements.

Currently, drone-umbrellas are only available as prototypes, but by all accounts, commercially available versions may not be too far away. The cost? Well, to be honest, it’s getting on for around 30,000 yen, which is more than a couple of hundred dollars, and you may be required to get yourself some drone insurance on top of that because liability comes at a premium and legislation can be tight. A bit pricey.

So, while you’re waiting for a low-cost hands-free umbrella to find its way to your local mall, why not invest in a manual umbrella and try not to let the multitasking get you down. After all, a nice big golf umbrella can keep more than one person sheltered from the sun or rain, and you might even find a friend who's prepared to carry it for you.

Exciting days for umbrellas, you’ll have to agree. Keep up-to-date with all the latest rain protection by checking our website. If and when we’re stocking drone-powered models, you’ll be the first to know.