As newlyweds you have the chance to do something wonderful this Christmas. You can start your own family traditions that will increase in significance every year and help build a festive culture of seasonal experiences. If you haven’t thought about this before, here are some suggestions to start you off:

Tree decorations

A nice touch, even if you already have decorations from previous years is to consider buying one or two new ornaments every year. Perhaps go somewhere special in the weeks running up to Christmas together so that your new decorations hold memories for you both.

Get sociable

It’s easy to let the months and years since your wedding day go past without giving yourself the chance to catch up properly with friends and spend quality time together. Why not organise one, two, or even a whole season of regular evenings where you invite your favourite people around for festive food and wine? Maybe host a games evening or a go for a winter walk together. Sharing time with friends around the Christmas period is really special.

Winter walks

While we’re on the topic of winter walks, how about making a special effort to get out and experience the magical atmosphere of dark and chilly evenings? Get all wrapped up and cosy, spend a few hours treading snow, pushing through woodland, or staring out to sea, and then head back for warm soup. Take an umbrella, or leave one in the car, and don’t even think of cancelling because of rain. However crazy it may feel on the day, it’ll be a memorable activity.

Think about your Christmas cards

Maybe design your own, and make them by hand. Consider a note to your special friends as a couple to tell them how much you appreciate them. It’s another Christmas tradition in the making that you and your loved one can enjoy together.

Make Christmas last longer

It doesn’t have to just be a mad month of shopping, one day of celebration and then collapse in a heap after stuffing your face with Christmas dinner. Space your festivities and include the whole of November to January if you like!

Under pressure

Christmas traditions will build up gradually over the years too, so don’t try pulling out all the stops and stressing yourself for your first married Christmas. Just enjoy it in your way, and make the most of your time together!