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Great Gifts For A Bride-To-Be

Every bride who is looking forward to their special day will enjoy being made a fuss of, with gifts and presents that will be something they can keep and treasure.

So if you’re a parent, a prospective spouse, a bridesmaid or relative of the bride, giving something special could be an ideal way to show the bride that you care. Here are some suggestions for gifts you might like to give.

A bottle of perfume is always a good option. After all, a special scent is something that can last for a long time in the memory and the wardrobe. If you’re not sure what she likes to wear, it’s worth finding out other examples of perfumes she has so that you know what kind of perfume - spicy, sporty, fruity or sweet. Ask for help in the shop, and they should be able to advise.

A special clutch bag is something that might be useful on the honeymoon, and can be a place to put all the little things you need to carry on a night out as a newly wed. Choose a colour you know she likes, or go for classic black that goes with everything.

A wedding umbrella is something that could be used on the day in case of a sudden show during the photo shoot, and it can also double up as a parasol. If you choose one that has touches of glamour and quality she’ll have an accessory to store as an heirloom to hand on in the future.

A photo album is another option, whether ornate and hand-sized for a few special shots from the wedding day, or full sized, and (potentially) filled with photographs from all of her life. You could of course give it blank ready for her to fill.

Jewellery is another good bet. Not everyone has the same taste though. Some brides wear chunky statement jewellery most of the time, but you’ll probably want to consider buying something in classic gold and with simplicity that makes it a cherished item for years to come, and a possible piece to wear on the wedding day

Just remember, every bride is her own person. What suits one may not suit another. So if you know this bride is into something unusual that breaks the expectations of traditional brides, show her you care and go with her flow.

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