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The Guardian posts ‘how to use an umbrella’ article

We all know how to use an umbrella so the idea that people should need to read an article about it seems a little ridiculous.

However, The Guardian has posted an article which does exactly that and on reading through columnist Dave Bry’s article that sense of ridiculousness is only reinforced – although we could be generous and say it’s perhaps meant to be satirical but hasn’t quite managed.

Audrey Hepburn Umbrella Rainfall | Jollybrolly Online ShopThe article contains just four points, which are as simplistic as first buying an umbrella, secondly opening it up, thirdly putting it above your head and finally, walking. Either Dave thinks we’re all that simple we need that advice, or the whole article is an unsubtle way of dressing up a rant about people poking out the eyes of others with the ribs of their umbrellas – something he mentions several times.

While the article may be a facetious dig at those clumsy members of our society who are careless enough to maim pedestrians minding their own business, it does also contain a useful point.

Dave writes: “If you’re like me you don’t own an umbrella, because you will have left your last one in a bar, a restaurant, on a train, in a taxi or on the counter at the post office. So if you’re buying an umbrella don’t buy an expensive one.”

We don’t entirely agree with Dave but there’s some good advice in there. It probably isn’t the best idea to buy one of our luxurious designer umbrellas to use for your daily commute – but that doesn’t mean you don’t need one.

So we decided to take a look at what umbrella to get for different scenarios.

The everyday umbrella

If you’re reading this the chances are you live in Britain. An unfortunate fact of life for you therefore, is that it rains here. A lot. You will have call for an umbrella regularly in your life. At some times of the year maybe every day. Often you’ll be pulling it out and popping it away several times a day.

That means you probably want a relatively inexpensive and compact umbrella, which is convenient to carry and which will keep you dry while you’re out and about, often on short trips.

Whether it’s as you dash between shops or from the car to the office, this is the umbrella that Dave Bry thinks you should have. Given that you have it with you regularly, it is possible you may lose it, so the fact it’s inexpensive makes that less of an issue. Simply buy a replacement and continue as before.

The formal umbrella

If you’re off to an event which isn’t so every day the chances are you’ll have dressed up a little, and you’ll need an umbrella to reflect this. If you’re wearing a navy suit, then a navy umbrella with a smart handle will accessorise your outfit nicely.

Likewise, a patterned umbrella can be a nice touch if your outfit is one colour, or lacks detail. Whatever the occasion, it always pays to have a matching umbrella.

That’s particularly true if you’re attending a funeral. It would be totally inappropriate for anyone to be stood graveside with a battered old umbrella which is totally inadequate. For such an occasion you need a sturdy black umbrella which will withstand any weather, so that no matter how bad it gets you are not faced with the prospect off wrestling an umbrella while a vicar reads the last rites.

The wedding umbrella

Naturally, nobody ever wants to have to use an umbrella at a wedding. However, sometimes it’s necessary so it pays to have an appropriate brolly to hand.

No-one wants their wedding pictures spoiled by the person who showed up with a broken brolly with the canopy sunken over a broken rib. So make sure you have an umbrella which will match any wedding outfit you may wear, and which is in good repair.

If you’re a bride, you’ll want to keep your hair, make up and dress out of the rain so a brolly is imperative. We offer a range of white and ivory ones which are perfect for weddings – so why not take a look?

Branded Umbrellas

Finally, we come to umbrellas as a marketing tool. As we’ve discussed, everyone needs an umbrella from time to time and when they’re erected they’re highly visible.

So what could make more sense than to invest in umbrellas branded with your own company logo? Give them to employees for official company business and you’ll be looking after your workforce, while also advertising.

Give them to customers and they’ll appreciate a free and useful gift and will also advertise the company for you. It’s a win-win situation, and is available at a low cost, so why not invest today?

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