Welcome to part 2 of our ‘Wedding Umbrellas ’ series. Not the cheeriest of things to think about but we’ve got the knowledge and we always fall under the ‘luck favours to prepare’ camp when it comes to bad weather on your wedding day.

We’ve already talked all things ‘Planning and Venue’ here. Be sure to stay tuned for part 3 coming soon, but for now here’s everything to consider when it comes to prepping your guests for rain on the big day:


Give Out Umbrellas

First of all, everyone loves a freebie so your guests are bound to appreciate the thought that went into making sure they all have their very own umbrella on the day. Plus wedding umbrellas are a great 3-for-1: they keep your guests dry, they are a great prop for wedding photos, and they are a wonderful memorable take away from the day. White is the most popular colour for guest umbrellas, but we’ve got over 10 bright colours to mix and match that all make for stunning photos!

Let Your Guests Know You Will Give Them Umbrellas

There is no use in putting in the extra planning for your guests only to find out that they have packed their own umbrellas in anticipation - cut to Auntie Sam trying to juggle her handbag, two  wedding umbrellas and a glass of prosecco… not the smooth day you planned.

Add an ‘in case of rain’ section to your invites and wedding website so that guests know what to expect! Besides, this lets your guests know that you are thinking of them which is always a nice touch!

Use The Rain for Unforgettable Photos

Now that you’ve gone through all the planning AND letting your guests know you’ve got them covered (poor pun... we’re sorry), milk those wedding umbrellas for all they’ve got! They make an excellent addition to wedding photos whether it’s raining or not, so get your wedding party and your guests up and posing.

Check out Pinterest and talk to your wedding photographer about what kind of shots you’d like to get - in particular how you want to incorporate the umbrellas into your wedding photos. It definitely adds a memorable touch to the day!